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Touchstone Gallery Print Advertising

Touchstone Gallery Print Ad for Where Magazine.
Fotographfx/Sedona Advertising Agency was commissioned to create a Sedona Winter themed photo illustration which incorporated jewelry from our photo shoot and images supplied by the client. 
The Ad will appear in Where Magazine Winter 2016 edition  

touchstone gallery print ad

Photographing the band Chicago in concert

I had the opportunity to photograph two Chicago concerts in Sedona, AZ for the Sedona Film Festival. One of my photos of Robert Lamm was selected to be published in a book about the band. Chicago’s Legacy of Rock, Horns and Hits,” which commemorates the group’s 50th anniversary. The 40-page book chronicles the band’s history from their inception to present day. Photography by Mark Short Fotographfx, Sedona portrait photographer, Sedona music photographer. (See Chicago Photo Portfolio Here)

Photo of Robert Lamm from the band Chicago This photo was selected to be published in a book about the band.